108 Grove Street is a proposed 4 unit condominium development offering a modern alternative to the Northampton housing market. 

The one half acre development at the base of Village Hill is within walking distance of downtown Northampton, and adjoins the Northampton/Easthampton bike trail. The site slopes south and enjoy views of the Holyoke Range. 

Each two story building is made up of two- single story dwellings, an upper and a lower dwelling. Each dwelling is efficiently organized to provide homeowners a spacious, two bedroom apartment with the advantages of a single family home, including an outdoor deck and covered parking. 

Custom low-maintenance landscape plantings, boulder walls, shade trees and covered parking are included. Rain gardens manage storm water run-off responsibly. 


To be built by Kent Hicks, one of the Pioneer Valley’s most highly regarded residential builders, 108 Grove Street offers a low maintenance, efficiently-designed home with year round comfort. Exceptional construction standards will achieve Tier III energy rating, and include double stud, 10” inch insulated (R-40) wall cavity, double glazed windows, air-source mini-split heating/cooling, solar hot water, energy star appliances and LED lighting. 

Installation of a solar array is an option to the buyer, and is recommended to achieve net-zero performance.